2018 Cubing Project

In 2017 I learned how to solve a Rubik’s Cube via the Beginner’s Method.  I went on to learn the three basic F2L algorithms, two look OLL and two look PLL.  I bought a Valk 3 speed cube, and learned how to do an H-Perm with middle turns.  At the close of 2017, I resolved to … Continue reading 2018 Cubing Project

Learning To Ride

September comes around.  I spend the first weekend camping and hunting with my father in law.  Nights one and two go very, very well.  Night three brings tremendous amounts of rain.  My camp site experiences minor flooding.  My rain fly is not on very well, so my tent also experiences far more water than is … Continue reading Learning To Ride

Road Closed

In August I take my Jeep, Zed, back to New Mexico.  I head from Carlsbad to Queen, and from there I attempt to head back into Texas to check out Dog Canyon Park, but find the road is closed about three miles from my destination.  My back up plan had been to circle back to Carlsbad, … Continue reading Road Closed

First Steps

The first step is to sort out what I already own, as far as camping gear goes.  I have quite a bit of hiking gear I bought 15+ years ago, but never really used.  At the time, I’d been planning to hike some or all of the Appalachian Trail with my girlfriend, who was an … Continue reading First Steps

The Road To Adventure

I was looking through YouTube for information on long distance off road trails, when I stumbled onto Teague Fleury’s Get Lost.  The film starts with a great hook, Fleury’s motorcycle has broken down on a narrow, shoulderless road.  I decided to give it a shot, even though it’s a feature-length documentary, nearly two hours long.

If you think you’d like to watch Fleury’s film, you might want to stop reading now; spoilers and impressions will follow.

Continue reading “The Road To Adventure”